Best Table Saw for Beginners

Best Table Saw for Beginners

Are you planning to build or expand your woodworking shop? Are you looking for a power tool that will ease your work and increase productivity?
Of the many tools available for woodworking, a table saw is a must-have in the woodworker’s arsenal. For cutting wood in various shapes with good precision, a table saw is indispensable.

Many table saws are available in the market, and finding the best table saw for beginners could be challenging. A table saw is a one-time investment power tool because it is expensive compared to other saws and occupies a lot of floor space. But it is worth that investment because a single table saw can do versatile wood cutting processes like dado cutting, crosscutting, miter cutting, rip cutting, groove, bevel cutting etc. Hence, one single machine can reduce the use of other wood cutting tools.
This section will discuss table saws and find out the Best Table Saw for Beginners in the market.

What Is a Table Saw?

A table saw is basically a woodworking power tool that consists of a circular blade that protrudes out through the top of a table through a slot. The circular blade is mounted on an arbor and driven by an electric motor.

What can a table saw be used for? 

Table Saw is not just any ordinary saw; it is build to perform versatile and accurate cuts during woodworking. Unlike other saws, it is a powerful tool and can cut large pieces of wood or other material (like plastic, resin etc.)of almost any thickness. With a table saw, you can perform versatile wood cutting processes like crosscutting, miter cutting, rip cutting, groove, bevel cutting etc. which is not possible for a single saw to fulfil all those tasks.

Types of Table Saw

When you search for the Best Table Saw for Beginners, first, you need to know the different types of table saws and then look for the type that will fulfil your work need.

Benchtop Table Saw

As the name suggests, this type of table saw is designed to be placed on top of a workbench or other support. It is the most preferred power tool by homeowners and DIYers because it is affordable and it’s compact size, lightweight, which makes it portable. As a beginner, if you plan to work on smaller projects or have a small workshop or garage, this is the Best Table Saw for Beginners.

Jobsite Table Saw

Jobsite table saws are sturdy and are designed for professionals. The working principle is similar to that of a benchtop saw, but in size, it is slightly larger and heavier. As for the benchtop saw, for operation, it is placed on the top of the table. But in the case of a Jobsite table saw, it is usually placed on a folding or stationary stand with wheels which makes it portable. This power tool is more expensive than benchtop saws and is an ideal tool for tradesman, carpenters, and contractors.

Compact Table Saw

This type of table saw is much larger than the prior types, and this compact table saw is placed on a stationary stand during operation. They are ideal for lighter construction jobs.

Contractor Table Saw

Contractors table saw, also known as open-stand saws. It is heavier in construction and has larger saws that sit on a stand. The large saws are powered by big motors, which makes them ideal for heavy-duty work.

Cabinet Table Saw 

This type of table saw is generally found in commercial/industrial sites. It is heavy and powered by large induction motors(enclosed in a cabinet below the table), due to which it may require a dedicated heavy-duty circuit installation. These saws are not portable, but due to their heavier construction, it offers lower vibration and increased durability, which makes it advantageous over contractor saws.

Hybrid Table Saw 

A hybrid table saw is a mix of cabinet saws and contractor saws. In construction-wise Hybrid saws are heavier than contractor saws but lighter than cabinet saws. Like a cabinet table saw, a hybrid table saw also come with an enclosed cabinet.

Things to Consider when searching for the Best Table Saw for Beginners

As a beginner, when you plan to invest in an expensive power tool, many questions can arise in your mind. Question about the quality, price, weight, power consumption, size and even the types of cutting operation it would perform.

There is no need to worry; I have done the hard work for you by gathering all the relevant information about the essential things you need to consider when buying the Best Table Saw for Beginners.

Motor Type

The motor of the table saw plays a vital part in this power saw. In short, it is the powerhouse of the table saw. Generally, there are two types of types of motors used in table saws: 

  • Universal motors: With this type of motor, the power source is linked directly to the blade, and it produces a lot of noise during operation.
  • Induction motors: In this type of motor, the power gets transferred to the blade via a belt.

When buying, look for the motor’s horsepower. The cutting power of the motor depends on the motor’s horsepower. More the horsepower, more it will generate the cutting power and less it will overheat. In general, when doing light-duty work, 3/4 HP to 1.5 HP motor is sufficient. And for heavy-duty work, 2 HP to 5 HP motors are preferred.

Size and Portability

Size and portability is another key factor of a table saw. If you have a small workshop or small garage, then you should look for compact table saw types like a benchtop or Jobsite table saw, which are lightweight and easily portable. But if you have large floor space, then go for the full-size model table saw, increasing your wood-cutting capabilities. 

Blade Size and Cutting Capacity

When buying a table saw, one should be aware of the specification of the table saw as it determines the size of the circular blade. The size of the circular blade determines the cutting capacity. The larger the size more it will have the cutting capacity. The popular sizes of circular blades are 10 to 12 inches in diameter, delivering maximum cut upto 3.5-4 inches deep.


A fence is an integral part of the table saw. It is an adjustable guide that provides support to the material and guides the material during cutting. 

Dust Collection

The dust collection feature is not a headache for the user who is working outdoors or on an open job site. But it vital for those working indoors. Table saw produces a lot of sawdust which might create a mess and breathing problem in the workspace. So if you have a small workshop or have to work indoor, it is advisable to look for a table saw which has a dust port.


When searching for the best table saw for beginners, you need to know accessories that generally come with the table saw.

  • Blade guard
  • User Manual
  • Saw blade
  • Wrenches for positioning the saw blade
  • Miter gauge
  • Anti-kickback paws
  • Push stick


As a beginner, when buying a table saw, safety should be your priority. Handling any power tool or cutting machine, the chances of getting injured are higher, and when it comes to table saw, the chances of getting injured becomes maximum. As the blade of the table saw is raised above the level of the table so the risk of accident increases. Look for a table saw that offers more safety features. You can go for a table saw that at least has a riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. Electric brakes and automatic stops are other safety features.

Best Table Saw for Beginners

After long research, I have selected some of the Best Table Saw for Beginners that might suit you according to your need.

DEWALT Table Saw: Jobsite

If you are looking for a compact Portable Table Saw, then the DEWALT job site table saw can be a great choice. Dewalt is a popular name in the field of power tools and tool machinery. You can undoubtedly rely on DEWALT when it comes to the quality aspect. As it is built for Jobsite purpose, it is designed to withstand drops and impacts. For that, this table saw comes with a Metal roll cage. It is powered by a 15 Amp, 5800 rpm motor. This is a great table saw for any beginners.

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Buy from Amazon


SKIL Table Saw

Skil TS6307 is another great table saw for any beginners. Its compact size is best suited for small workshops. It comes with Integrated folding legs that can be easily be assembled anywhere. For fast and smooth fence adjustment, it is provided with rack & pinion fence rails. Its 15-Amp motor delivers maximum power to cut through hardwood. This table saw comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08F9RFJ2K&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=deba47 20&language=en USir?t=deba47 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08F9RFJ2K Buy from Amazon


Rockwell Table Saw

If you are looking for an affordable and portable table saw, then Rockwell Tabletop Saw can be a good choice. It is the most preferred table saw by homeowners and DIYers. Its compact design provides portability and comes with a built-in carry handle. With this table saw, you would be able to perform almost all the wood cutting operations like rip, cross, scroll, and miter cuts with the standard guard and riving knife system. It also comes with a 3 Year Limited Consumer Warranty.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00L47FZ8A&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=deba47 20&language=en USir?t=deba47 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00L47FZ8A Buy from Amazon

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