Woodworking Measuring Tools

Woodworking Measuring Tools

When starting any crafting work, be it wood crafting or metal crafting, you require a measuring tool to give shape to your desired project. In the case of woodworking, there is a necessity for Woodworking Measuring Tools.

If you are a carpenter or a wood craftsman or planning to start any wood crafting project, then you must know about some of the Woodworking Measuring Tools, which I have listed below. 

Woodworking Measuring Tools


The main and preliminary tool you are going to require is the rule. They come in various sizes and design for measuring and setting out dimensions. Most of the woodworkers work with a four-fold box-wood rule whose dimension ranges from 0 to 60cm. The box-wood rule is graduated on both sides in millimeters and centimeters, and each fold is 15cm long. The four minor rules are joined with each other by hinged joints making it a folding rule.

But when dealing with large measurement or curved and angular surface measurement flexible measuring rule of tape is required.

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Straight Edge

Another vital tool that falls in the Woodworking Measuring Tools is the straight edge. It is basically a machined flat piece (wood or metal) having truly straight and parallel edges. A carpenter generally uses them to test the trueness of the large surfaces and edges of the workpiece.

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Try Square

Be it woodworking or metalworking, you are surely going to need this vital tool. It is the ideal tool for marking and testing angles of 90degree. Try Square is just an ordinary tool consisting of a steel blade riveted into a hardwood stock protected by a brass plate. But the commonly used type is the all-metal Square which has a steel blade and a cast iron stock. The size of the try square usually varies from 150 to 300mm according to the blade length.

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Mitre Square

Unlike the Try square, Metre square is used to measure an angle of 45 degrees. It is also a simple metal tool with a nickel-plated finish or just with a steel blade. The length of the blades varies from 200mm to 300mm long.

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Bevel Square

Bevel Square is almost similar to Try Square, but the only difference is that the blade is not fixed at a particular angle. The blade can swivel to any angle from 0 to 180 degrees with the help of an adjustable screw.

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Combination Square

As the name suggests, it is a combination of tools. It is a combination of a square, set Square, rule, straight edge, 45-degree bevel, and centre finder.

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Marking Knife

A marking knife is mainly used for marking purposes by converting the marked pencil lines into cut lines.

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When it comes to marking parallel lines to the edges of the wood piece, you will surely need a Gauge. The marking is done by a small stem that has one or more steel marking points that slide in a stock.

The gauges are classified into three types based on their marking points.

  • Marking Gauge: This type of gauge has only one marking point. Although this tool gives accurate lines, the marking comes with grains.
  • Mortise Gauge: This type of gauge has two marking points, one is fixed at the end of the stem, and the other is attached to the sliding bar.
  • Cutting Gauge: This type of gauge uses a cutting knife for marking. This gauge is useful for gauging fine deep lines into the workpiece.

Wing Compass

Another vital tool that falls in the Woodworking Measuring Tools is the Wing compass. It is a compass composed of two pointed legs set to the desired positions for marking circles or arcs.


It is a beam compass that consists of a wooden beam. It is generally used in woodworking that is beyond the scope of a compass.


Dividers are similar to a compass having two-needle points for dividing out centres.


Another important tool that falls in the Woodworking Measuring Tools is the Calliper. A calliper is generally used where the sectional measurements cannot be taken. It is also used for measuring the inside and outside diameters of the workpiece.

Spirit Level 

Spirit level is the most vital Woodworking Measuring Tools. With spirit level, you can test the horizontal position of a large surface.

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Plumb Bob

Plumb bob is another measuring tool used to test for the vertical position of the work surface.

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These are some of the important Woodworking Measuring Tools which are needed when starting any woodworking project.

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