Mortising Machine

Mortising Machine

Are you finding it difficult to cut a mortise hole? It is not only you who is facing such a problem; every Woodworker finds it challenging to make a precise and tight cutting for developing Mortise and tenon joints. Mortises can be done using a standard chisel and drill, but to get precise and fast mortise, a Mortising Machine can do the job for you.

What is a mortising machine?

Mortising Machine is a specialized woodworking machine where you can achieve square or rectangular holes by the combined cutting action of chisels and drill bits. With Mortising Machine, you can produce clean, square, and rectangular cuts in one fluid motion, which are ideal for connecting two pieces of wood by mortise and tenon joint to build things like furniture, windows, and doors.

Mortise and Tenon Joint

Mortise and Tenon Joint are ancient joining techniques by which people use to connect pieces of stone, metal, and wood. This joining style is most widely used in woodworking to build tables, chairs, doors, windows, and face frames. The mortise is simply a hole that is generally square and rectangular. This hole connects to a protruding tongue called Tenon, which fits together at a 90-degree angle. Mortise and Tenon Joint are known to be simple and strong joints that even give an attractive lookout to the object.

Types of Mortising Machine

There are three types of Mortising Machine.

Square Chisel Mortising Machine

This type of Mortising Machine is similar to drill press; the only thing that differentiates it from drill press is its four-sided chisel that comes with the drill bit. The combined cutting action of both the tool gives clean and straight edges.

A normal drill press can be transformed into a mortiser by attaching square chisel mortising bits to a drill press through a mortising attachment.

Horizontal Mortising Machine

Horizontal Mortising machines, which are also called Slot Mortiser, can tackle situations where there are floating or loose tenons. This situation arises when there is a need for attaching two pieces of wood with the help of a third one. Here both pieces of wood to be joined have aligned mortises cut into them. A separate piece of wood is used as a tenon to be glued into the two mortises.

This machine includes a router that is mounted along the workpiece. The workpiece itself can be attached to a multi-axis sliding table. Although the horizontal mortising machine is capable of producing regular mortise and Tenon, it is better suited for floating or loose tenons.

Chain Mortising Machine

This type of Mortising Machine suitable for large projects where larger mortise cutting is required. Other than the drill bit and chisel tool, this machine uses a chain with cutters. 

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